Mobile Fitness Network

Providing fitness, wellness and health management services.

Mobile Fitness Network provides consultation and implementation services to corporations, organizations, and sports clubs. These services are offered at our location or yours, both remotely and in person. Our collaborative expertise covers sports conditioning, personal and group fitness training, rehabilitation, and wellness.

How we serve you

MFN researches and prepares the case for a wellness, fitness or health strategy that meets your corporate needs at an individual level.

Once a comprehensive assessment has been undertaken, MFN will
present a strategy to provide or coordinate fitness and health programs/services. Once a proposal is
accepted, a pilot program is launched, monitored, modified as needed,
and then expanded.

Our Process

We believe in putting you first. By building a baseline from the beginning, we can measure progress as it is made and improve outcomes as we go instead of waiting for some distant milestone. We also ensure the best case for a significant impact across a larger audience by beginning with a smaller group first and gaining outcomes as immediately as possible in a controlled environment.

1. Audit

We begin with a fact-finding mission that involves research and an auditing process that informs the appropriate offering of services to meet the need.

2. Pilot

We then offer this service with a system of measurements in a limited capacity to gain data and outcomes to optimize.

3. Full Implementation

Then we roll out the offering to a greater audience.


We offer a variety of services, but the most important thing we can do is take the time to listen to you. What is it that you actually want? By understanding your goals, as well as your current condition, we can make specific recommendations, even if that means a referral to a relevant partner.

Personal Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training

Sport-Specific Training

Rehabilitative Care

Wellness Services

Consultation Services

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