Personal Wellbeing Programs

Each employees goals are personal. Our assessments and consultations initiate the process of getting to know your employees. Our job is to help structure a set of wellness objectives, document targets and support the experience.

Personal programs are offered in a secure digital format and focus on individual objectives.

We center the attention on a combination of fitness and health activity that best suit individual interest.

An aging workforce is more important than a decade ago

Older Americans in the workforce rose by nearly 35 percent between 2011 and 2016, according to a study by

A high percentage of older Americans in employment are  in management, sales and administrative positions. These are jobs with little or no physical requirement, yet this important segment of the workforce that most needs physical activity and a health plan.  

Enabling best choices

Choices in fitness activity, nutrition and health habits leads to choices in a whole range of details. This process can be a little daunting; at MFN it is our role to present best options for each participant.

For example there are literally thousands of online fitness and health applications available, we will recommend a couple of options that best suit each participant. One size most certainly does not fit all; individual needs are different and different apps focus and objectives vary. 

At MFN we have built a list of  online applications and identified their various strengths for you to give clarity to choice. 

The power of positive psychology

Some people are just lucky, well that is usually not the case. It is more about your personal perspective on life. Simply working on how we look at situations and circumstances. How we look at things makes a huge difference in likely outcomes. Considering circumstance as an opportunity rather than a problem and putting cues in their proper place matters immeasurably.

Simply explained; putting a mirror in the kitchen is likely to improve your luck at loosing weight or making healthy eating choices by as much as 30%.