Onsite Solutions

Mobile Fitness Network has the ability to bring our wellness and fitness services directly to your location! Our coaches have the expertise to use a variety of simple, easily movable functional training equipment, testing implements, and administrative tools. So, whether we adapt our services to use your existing equipment and space or we bring the tools to you, there is the option for your employees or residents to never have to leave your location to receive the full benefits of our wellness program!

Corporate Programs

MFN coaches can bring a mobile fitness unit or just the equipment and use your existing recreational space. This way your employees can enjoy and experience the benefits of the MFN wellness program with the convenience of not having to leave your company’s location. Consultations and work outs can be scheduled over employee breaks or before or after the work day. The possibilities are endless and can be unique to your situation!

Senior Care

Physical activity, an important component of healthy aging is a must in contemporary assisted living and senior care facilities. Your senior residents benefit from our comprehensive wellness program without leaving their familiar environment! Keeping active for older adults reduces doctor visits and the need for medication. Active people are more independent, in a better emotional state of mind and enjoy all manner of physical benefits such as lower blood pressure.